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Who We Are

Be it a tight deadline, or things just not working out for you, the RamJam team have your back.

We're a team of technologists with over 80 years combined experience delivering practical engineering & consultancy solutions to transform and accelerate the way that organisations deliver software & services over the internet.

Our services draw upon real world experiences that we have gained while working with leading companies both large and small. We favour a pragmatic approach to problem solving. We understand teams come in all forms of ability, and our desire to learn and share is a fundamental cornerstone of our business.

We're continually evaluating technology products & tools spending the time in researching and developing their application in the real-world to minimise that time for our clients.

Above all, our focus is you and solving your challenges so you can get on with your day to day operational activity. We're dedicated to our customers and supporting them on their journeys. With always available capabilities and a non nonsense lets get it done attitude, you can be assure each member of team RamJam has your back.


Every company is only as good as those it partners with. RamJam has partnered with the best technolgy companies

What We Do

We provide a broad base of services for our clients. From custom development, project management to large scale cloud deployments and big data implementations.

Cloud Services

Our expertise was developed through years of experience in operating large cloud deployment around the world. We can focus on your specific operational challenges, or combine our services for a holistic look at your entire business.


Need to automate your stacks? We'll assist you with Chef™, Puppet™, Ansible™ & Saltstack™ We also build tools to monitor and assist you in your deployment processes, ensuring your days of release roulette are over.


RamJam thrive on new challenges and your creativity. We assist with the design and development of web scale infrastructure to speed aid in speeding up time to market while maintaining agility.

Operational Development

We've develop tools to aid operational teams in the execution of their day to day tasks. Usually bespoke around a specific need such as automating of error handling or dns management.


NoSQL can be daunting at first. We've deployed multiple NoSQL stacks for many of our clients. We're also a Couchbase SI Partner.


We suppliment your operational team with experiences can doers whom fit seemlesslessly into your team structure and provide the vast wealth of experience obtained at RamJam

Introducting BootBox℠

For when you dont want to deploy a full Dev/Ops stack and just need to get things done. Bootbox allows you to visually configure your machines and launch them in any cloud provider or even bare metal systems. Check out BOOTBOX.IO for more information.

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